Shopping Cart With Paypal Plugin For jQuery – SmartCart

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Smart Cart is a Shopping Cart With Paypal For jQuery Plugin. This is simple Shopping Cart plugin with PayPal payment support. you can integrate with e-commerce shopping website. this plugin is fully user friendly shopping cart with all item calculations easy to use. Inbuilt support for form submit, Ajax submit and PayPal submit of the cart items. A lot of customization options and custom events makes it easy to implement your requirements.

Key features:

  • Ajax enabled.
  • Allows you to add as many items to your shopping cart and auto updates your total for the items.
  • Allows to combine similar products on the shopping cart.
  • Highlight effect on adding/updating products.
  • Custom templates.
  • Support PayPal Website Payment.
  • Lots of customization options and useful API.
  • Compatible with Bootstrap framework.

How to use :

1. Add the jQuery SmartCart plugin’s JavaScript and CSS files :

<!-- Include SmartCart CSS -->
<link href="smart_cart.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
<!-- Include jQuery -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- Include SmartCart -->
<script src="jquery.smartCart.min.js"></script>

2. Add the product list and shopping cart to your webpage following the html :

<div class="col-md-4 col-sm-6">
  <div class="sc-product-item thumbnail">
    <img data-name="product_image" src="product image" alt="...">
    <div class="caption">
      <h4 data-name="product_name">Product 1</h4>
      <p data-name="product_desc">Product details</p>
      <hr class="line">
        <div class="form-group">
          <label>Size: </label>
          <select name="product_size" class="form-control input-sm">
        <div class="form-group">
          <label>Color: </label>
          <br />
          <label class="radio-inline">
            <input type="radio" name="product_color" value="red">
            red </label>
          <label class="radio-inline">
            <input type="radio" name="product_color" value="blue">
            blue </label>
          <label class="radio-inline">
            <input type="radio" name="product_color" value="green">
            green </label>
        <div class="form-group2">
          <input class="sc-cart-item-qty" name="product_quantity" min="1" value="1" type="number">
        <strong class="price pull-left">$2,990.50</strong>
        <input name="product_price" value="2990.50" type="hidden" />
        <input name="product_id" value="12" type="hidden" />
        <button class="sc-add-to-cart btn btn-success btn-sm pull-right">Add to cart</button>

<aside class="col-md-4"> 
  <!-- Paypal Submit URL : --> 
  <!-- Paypal Sandbox Submit URL: --> 
  <!-- Paypal Cart submit form -->
  <form action="" method="POST">
    <!-- SmartCart element -->
    <div id="smartcart"></div>
    <!-- Paypal required info, Please update based on your details -->
    <input name="business" value="[email protected]" type="hidden">
    <input name="currency_code" value="USD" type="hidden">
    <input name="return" value="" type="hidden">
    <input name="cancel_return" value="" type="hidden">
    <input name="cmd" value="_cart" type="hidden">
    <input name="upload" value="1" type="hidden">

3. Add the function to initialize the shopping cart Script :


4. Config the shopping cart by passing the following options :


  // initial products on cart
  cart: [], 

  // Submit name of the cart parameter
  resultName: 'cart_list', 

  // theme for the cart, related css need to include for other than default theme
  theme: 'default', 

  // combine similar products on cart
  combineProducts: true, 

  // highlight effect on adding/updating product in cart
  highlightEffect: true, 

  // custom templates
  cartItemTemplate: '<img class="img-responsive pull-left" src="{product_image}" /><h4 class="list-group-item-heading">{product_name}</h4><p class="list-group-item-text">{product_desc}</p>',
  cartItemQtyTemplate: '{display_price} × {display_quantity} = {display_amount}',

  // selectors
  productContainerSelector: '.sc-product-item',
  productElementSelector: '*', // input, textarea, select, div, p
  addCartSelector: '.sc-add-to-cart',

  // Map the paramters
  paramSettings : { 
    productPrice: 'product_price',
    productQuantity: 'product_quantity',
    productName: 'product_name',
    productId: 'product_id',

  // Language variables
  lang: {  
    cartTitle: "Shopping Cart",
    checkout: 'Checkout',
    clear: 'Clear',
    subtotal: 'Subtotal:',
    cartEmpty: 'Cart is Empty!<br />Choose your products'

  // Submit settings
  submitSettings: {
    submitType: 'form', // form, paypal, ajax
    ajaxURL: '', // Ajax submit URL
    ajaxSettings: {} // Ajax extra settings for submit call

  // currency settings
  currencySettings: {
    locales: 'en-US', // A string with a BCP 47 language tag, or an array of such strings
    currencyOptions:  {
        style: 'currency', 
        currency: 'USD', 
        currencyDisplay: 'symbol'
      } // extra settings for the currency formatter. Refer:

  // toolbar settings
  toolbarSettings: {
    showToolbar: true,
    showCheckoutButton: true,
    showClearButton: true,
    checkoutButtonStyle: 'default', // default, paypal, image
    checkoutButtonImage: '', // image for the checkout button
    toolbarExtraButtons: [] // Extra buttons to show on toolbar, array of jQuery input/buttons elements

  // debug mode
  debug: false

5. Add Events :

$("#smartcart").on("cartEmpty", function(e) {
  // when the cart is empty

$("#smartcart").on("itemAdded", function(e) {
  // when an item is added on the cart
  // Parameter: object of the product.

$("#smartcart").on("itemUpdated", function(e) {
  // when an item is updated on the cart
  // Parameter: object of the product.

$("#smartcart").on("itemRemoved", function(e) {
  // when an item is removed from the cart
  // Parameter: object of the product.

$("#smartcart").on("quantityUpdated ", function(e) {
  // when an item quantity is updated on the cart
  // Parameter: object of the product.
  // Parameter: Integer: new quantity value.

$("#smartcart").on("cartSubmitted", function(e) {
  // when the cart is submit
  // Parameter: object of the product.

$("#smartcart").on("cartCleared", function(e) {
  // when the cart is cleared