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Instagram Filters with CSS and Blend Modes
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Last Update:January 18, 2018
Publish Date:January 18, 2018
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In this we can put a simple CSSgram as CSSgram is a library for the editing of the images just like the instagram like filters that is directly with the CSS. Here, we are adding the filters in the images along with the applying of the colours or the gradient overlays with the blending techniques to the mimic of the effects. This is a sort of less manual image and more with the fun filter effects.

How to use :

1. Link to the CSSgram library within your project:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/vendor/cssgram.min.css">

2. Add a class to your figure element with the name of the filter :

<!-- HTML -->
      <figure class="aden">
        <img src="../img.png">

3. Alternatively, you can just download and link to any individual css file :  ( , if you’re just using one of the styles. )

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/vendor/aden.min.css">

4. Available Classes

For use in HTML markup:

  • 1977: class="_1977"
  • Aden: class="aden"
  • Brannan: class="brannan"
  • Brooklyn: class="brooklyn"
  • Clarendon: class="clarendon"
  • Earlybird: class="earlybird"
  • Gingham: class="gingham"
  • Hudson: class="hudson"
  • Inkwell: class="inkwell"
  • Kelvin: class="kelvin"
  • Lark: class="lark"
  • Lo-Fi: class="lofi"
  • Maven: class="maven"
  • Mayfair: class="mayfair"
  • Moon: class="moon"
  • Nashville: class="nashville"
  • Perpetua: class="perpetua"
  • Reyes: class="reyes"
  • Rise: class="rise"
  • Slumber: class="slumber"
  • Stinson: class="stinson"
  • Toaster: class="toaster"
  • Valencia: class="valencia"
  • Walden: class="walden"
  • Willow: class="willow"
  • X-pro II: class="xpro2"


Change Log

1.12 (Nov 12, 2016)

V 1.11 (Nov 3, 2016)