Content Slider with jQuery Plugin

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Publish Date:September 4, 2018
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Today we are share a simple circular content carousel. This is for use for some content boxes that we can slide infinitely (circular) and When you click on the “more” link, the respective item moves to the left and a content area will slide out in the right side. Now we can navigate through the carousel where each step will reveal the next or previous content box with its expanded content. Clicking on the closing cross will slide the expanded content area back in and animate the item to its original position.

How to use it:

1. Add Html code structure.

<div id="ca-container" class="ca-container">
	<div class="ca-wrapper">
		<div class="ca-item ca-item-1">
			<div class="ca-item-main">
				<div class="ca-icon"></div>
				<h3>Stop factory farming</h3>
					<span class="ca-quote">“</span>
					<span>Some text...</span>
					<a href="#" class="ca-more">more...</a>
			<div class="ca-content-wrapper">
				<div class="ca-content">
					<h6>Animals are not commodities</h6>
					<a href="#" class="ca-close">close</a>
					<div class="ca-content-text">
						<p>Some more text...</p>
						<li><a href="#">Read more</a></li>
						<li><a href="#">Share this</a></li>
						<li><a href="#">Become a member</a></li>
						<li><a href="#">Donate</a></li>
		<div class="ca-item ca-item-2">
	</div><!-- ca-wrapper -->
</div><!-- ca-container -->

2. Add jQuery Code :

	// speed for the sliding animation
	sliderSpeed		: 500,
	// easing for the sliding animation
	sliderEasing	: 'easeOutExpo',
	// speed for the item animation (open / close)
	itemSpeed		: 500,
	// easing for the item animation (open / close)
	itemEasing		: 'easeOutExpo',
	// number of items to scroll at a time
	scroll			: 1